Who we are

We are an entrepreneurial and agile organisation committed to building long-term relationships with our customers. Our management has extensive experience in creating networks and strategic relationships with commodity producers and bulk handlers.

Our aim is to build and manage a global supply chain for processors and distributors of agricultural commodities. We supply processors and distributors with raw materials of consistent quality and use our freight and logistics expertise to ensure smooth and timely delivery to their destinations. We also advise our customers on innovative and tailored trade finance, hedging and financing solutions.

Significant shareholders include Macquarie Bank and Lansing Trade Group. We have established a structure that has allowed a close relationship to develop between our management and our board

Our values


Our success depends on people: the people who do business with us and the people who work with us. If our customers like what we offer, they are more likely to come back and do business with us again. If the Quadra team like what they do, they are more likely to go that extra mile to help our customers. People are the key to any successful organization. Click here to find out more about our people

Honesty and integrity

We uphold high standards of business ethics and integrity, we enforce strict principles of corporate governance and support transparency in all of our operations. We take responsibility and accountability for our actions.

High performance

We create sustainable value through a high performance team culture and provide a collaborative, efficient and supportive work environment where employees are encouraged to reach their full professional potential.

Always entrepreneurial

Being an entrepreneur means taking the initiative to find new and innovative solutions to daily challenges and to have the courage to lead. This proactive approach to problem solving requires us to effectively calibrate risk while still thinking creatively and strategically.

Radically passionate

Passion fuels our lives and ultimately paves the way to greatness. We put our heart and mind to work to create, evaluate, and innovate with pride and enthusiasm reinforcing our position as company ambassadors to achieve the best results.


Successful teamwork requires listening, sharing and keeping an open mind. Teamwork is achieved by leveraging individual strengths and overcoming differences to produce the optimal results. Working in this way cultivates trust and respect for each team member and maximizes productivity.


Corporate and Social Responsibility is part of our company fabric. We treat our employees with respect and protect them from harassment, we build lasting relationships with responsible suppliers and customers, we take measures to consume as little energy and consumables wherever we can, we recycle our consumables and we comply with the laws of the countries we operate in.

Our board

Jane Magill is the Chair of the board of Quadra Commodities. She is responsible for business development and strategic investments in the Commodities and Finance division at Macquarie Bank. Jane also chair the gender balance network for Macquarie in Europe. Prior to Macquarie Jane worked for Bankers Trust in the USA and Australia where she pioneered the Agricultural Commodities derivative business. Jane’s career has included roles as head of the Foreign Exchange division, regional head of Risk and she has experience in money markets, bond origination and derivative trading. She is a graduate of Cambridge University.

Peo Ravano is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Quadra Commodities and is responsible for the overall management and strategy of the organisation. Peo has over 15 years’ trading and management experience in global commodities markets, primarily trading derivatives and physical ocean freight. In 2002 he became one of the founders of AWB’s Geneva office. Peo spent eight years at AWB Geneva, first as Trading Manager responsible for all ocean freight trading strategies for the group and ultimately as Managing Director with overall managerial responsibility for AWB’s Geneva and Ukrainian businesses. Before that, Peo held senior freight and tanker trading positions at Tradigrain and Ifchor. Peo holds a degree in law from the University of Lausanne.

Paul O'Neill is the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Head of Marketing of Quadra Commodities and is responsible for marketing and soft commodities business development. Paul began his career in 1987 with Cargill and has held various trading and marketing positions in Liverpool, London and Geneva. From 1998 to 2002 Paul was responsible for marketing to Asian clients at Tradigrain in Geneva. In 2002 he became one of the founders of AWB’s Geneva office and subsequently head of marketing. Paul holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degree from Leeds University.

Robert Petritsch is Chief Financial Officer of Quadra Commodities. Robert has over 20 years of experience in international banking and commodity trading, having held senior management roles at RZB (Managing Director, Corporate Finance, Singapore Branch), Hypovereinsbank (Director, Corporates and Markets, Singapore Branch) and Bank Austria (Senior Manager, Structured Trade Finance, in Singapore, New York and Vienna). Prior to joining Quadra, Robert was Head of Treasury and Trade Finance for AWB Geneva. Robert Petritsch holds a masters degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

Bill Krueger (non-executive member) is the CEO and President of Lansing Trade Group, LLC (LTG) and President of Lansing Ethanol Services, LLC (LES). His leadership has spurred the revitalization and substantial growth of Lansing. Under Bill’s direction, LTG has profitably grown revenues over 500%. Bill has taken a leading role in the growth of LTG’s traditional businesses, while also directing the creation of trading opportunities in biofuels, additional agricultural products and various international markets. The creation and success of LES as one of the largest physical trading companies in the ethanol industry is a solid example of Lansing's capabilities under Bill’s direction. International growth in biofuels, container movements, vegetable oils, grains, and sugar are also notable accomplishments for Lansing. Bill has Board duties for several organisations.