Wheat and corn form the majority of the physical (bulk and container) and paper volumes traded at Quadra. Quadra follows a global trading strategy interlinked with existing domestic and international trade flows to service our key milling and feed customers in Asia and the Middle East. Other grains traded include barley, sorghum, soybeans, cottonseed and DDGs. Our key origin markets for grains are: US, South America, EU, India, Pakistan, Black Sea, Russia and Australia.

An in-depth understanding of trade flows and customers’ requirements allows Quadra’s grain traders to take full advantage of global arbitrage opportunities and pass these cost benefits and solutions down the supply chain. Our product suite ranges from generic feed wheat and corn to niche high protein and quality specific wheats. Quadra’s grain division trades well over 5,000,000 tonnes of grain annually.


Quadra Commodities is an investor in Southern Ark Storage which is an independently controlled grain handler dedicated to servicing growers in the South East of Australia and Moama Grain storage site at Moama, NSW.

The site has approximately 60,000 metric tonnes of silo and bunker storage and has enjoyed strong local growers support in the region since first taking grain over a decade ago. The site receives wheat, barley, canola, rice and corn depending on seasonal availability. Moama will become a strategic part of Southern Ark Storage's grain storage network in the South East of Australia and will be a key part of an expanding network of existing and greenfield investments.

Ocean freight

As well as providing in-house freight support for Quadra’s grain and oilseed traders, Quadra’s Geneva and Melbourne-based freight desk also transports bulk shipments for third parties. Whilst trading and hedging risk within the ocean freight markets, the team manages all the physical aspects of moving bulk commodities around the globe. This includes chartering and managing ships ranging from 20,000 to 95,000 DWT in both the Atlantic and Pacific basin; Quadra charters over 4 million tonnes of freight, trades thousands of derivitave products and time charters a dozen vessels annually. Having a strong focus on risk management, Quadra manages its exposures tightly to assure best possible execution for its customers.