QC Athina Day 1 Quadra Commodities

August 3rd 2015 - Geneva, Switzerland: Quadra Commodities has invested in a South Korean built Panamax Bulk ship which has been renamed to "QC ATHINA". This investment reflects the ongoing strategy of Quadra Commodities to build a diversified asset base in the commodities industry.


The "QC" in the vessel name represents Quadra Commodities' ownership.



Marnoo Quadra Commodities Storage Facility, Australia

July 1st 2015 - Melbourne, Australia: (UPDATE) Southern Ark Storage has recently commenced earthworks at its greenfield grain storage site at Marnoo, Victoria.


The site is planned to initially contain approximately 60,000 metric tonnes of silo and bunker storage with multiple discharge points to facilitate the efficient unloading of grain at harvest. The site plans to receive wheat, barley, canola, oats and pulses depending on seasonal availability. Marnoo will be a new addition to Southern Ark Storages expanding grain storage network in the south east of Australia and will be a key part of Quadra Commodities rapidly expanding grain origination program.



Moama Quadra Commodities Storage Facility, Australia

May 1st 2015 - Melbourne, Australia: Quadra Commodities is pleased to announce its participation in Southern Ark Storage which is an independently controlled grain handler dedicated to servicing growers in the South East of Australia. Southern Ark Storage has recently acquired the Moama Grain storage site at Moama, NSW and will commence operating the site in November 2015.


The site has approximately 60,000 metric tonnes of silo and bunker storage and has enjoyed strong local growers support in the region since first taking grain over a decade ago. The site receives wheat, barley, canola, rice and corn depending on seasonal availability. Moama will become a strategic part of Southern Ark Storage's grain storage network in the south east of Australia and will be a key part of an expanding network of existing and greenfield investments.



MV Gotia owned by Orion Shipping

April 29th 2015 - Geneva, Switzerland: Quadra Commodities has chartered its first Cape sized vessel for a short term charter. This move into fixing Cape sized vessels is in line with the strategy to increase Quadra’s presence across all dry bulk sizes.


Quadra has been successfully fixing vessels, primarily Panamaxes, for the shipment of commodities in its own portfolio, as well as for third party goods, since 2010. This first Cape sized ship taken on period Charter is the MV Gotia owned by Orion Shipping.


Her first voyage under time charter with Quadra was a shipment of 162,050mt of coal from Indonesia to India.





Andrew Jackson meeting the Industry and Commerce Minister Dr Hassan Fakhro

October 3rd 2014 - Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain: Quadra Commodities was invited to attend meetings with various Bahraini ‎agencies to explore opportunities and investments in the the food and commodity trading sectors. Quadra was received by His Excellency, Dr Hassan Fakhro - Minister for Industry and Commerce at the offices of the Commerce Ministry.


Further discussions were held with various Bahraini government entities including the Economic Development Board of Bahrain, Mumtalakat Investment Fund and the Ministry of Agriculture.






Photo: Courtesy of Gulf Daily News


Paul O’Neill and Mark De Jong Summit Kilimanjaro

July 18, 2014, KILIMANJARO: Quadra Director Paul O’Neill and his two sons Finn & Jack, with Mark De Jong Head of Quadra Freight Operations summited Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895m) on 18th July to raise $40,000 for HALO - Helping Autism through Learning and Outreach is a non-profit organization dedicated to the use of Soma® Mukhopadhyay's Rapid Prompting Method for improving academic success and communication for persons with autism and similar disorders.


November 20, 2012, MELBOURNE: Quadra Commodities Australia has celebrated a milestone in processing its first inventory transfers and grower payments for Australian grain acquisitions. In only its second year of operation Quadra is now buying grain directly from growers and it is on track to meet its volume targets for domestic accumulation.
The Quadra domestic grain team have rolled out the Grainsmart grain trading and inventory management system and are now liaising with grain accumulation agents Melaluka Trading daily, on new grain acquisitions directly between Quadra and Australian Growers. Quadra's grain inventory so far has been focused on wheat and barley but will widen to other commodities as the harvest campaign rolls on in Australia this season.
Quadra Commodities Australia and Melaluka Trading's Michael Fitzgerald and Simon Pritchard have formed a strong alliance - through which Quadra is marketing and posting prices daily, directly to Growers up country at more than 20 sites on the East Coast of Australia. Most of the grain Quadra owns will be acquired and stored in the private storage network.
In just 2 short years Quadra Australia has established itself as a reliable player in the Australian grain trading industry and is now building on this foundation to expand its activities into grain acquisition storage and handling.

Kevon Rudd, Andrew Jackson, Anthony Diamante

November 5, 2012, MELBOURNE: The Melbourne Cup (the race that stops a Nation) was a great opportunity for the Directors of Quadra Commodities in Australia, Andrew Jackson and Anthony Diamante to spend some time with former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and discuss the state of the Australian Agricultural Industry. As guests of Emirates Airlines our Australian directors shared a few champagnes with the Honourable Kevin Rudd who during his tenure as Australia’s Prime Minister oversaw the deregulation of Australias wheat industry (via the dismantling of Australia’s single desk marketing system controlled for over 50 years by AWB). The newly deregulated market has created opportunities for new entrants like Quadra Commodities to expand its operations rapidly in the Australian market.