Quadra is proud of the excellent service we provide to our processing customers and our ability to track and develop new agricultural commodity sources from around the world.

At Quadra, we are confident in our ability to provide processors with the raw materials they need to serve the needs of their customers both now and in the future. We use our excellent relationships with suppliers world wide to originate and market grains, oilseeds and sugar. The main bulk products that Quadra handles are wheat, corn, soybeans, oilseeds, pulses and meals. We are constantly seeking to improve and broaden our existing supply chain, while trading new and emerging markets. We remain confident that our suppliers and partners will help us maximise the depth, quality and consistency of the commodities we are sourcing.



We have a team dedicated to the safe transportation of various client commodities.

Quadra’s Ocean Freight Desk is responsible for the transportation of various bulk commodities (such as grains, coal, bauxite and steel related products) originated by both Quadra and third parties. The Ocean Freight Desk charters and manages ships and coordinates Quadra’s bulk transportation needs on a daily basis, including the day to day management of routes, fuel needs and associated hedging. This team prides itself on its experience, particularly with regard to logistics, and it stands out for its commitment to reliable, safe and timely delivery of all goods.



Quadra’s complete approach to commodities supply allows customers to focus on matters closer to home.

Quadra understands its customers' needs by working in partnership with them to optimise their supply chain management and hedging requirements, which allows them to concentrate on their domestic operations. The consistent quality of our supply has ensured long-term customer relationships and trusted partnerships. Just as we are meticulous in our selection of suppliers, we are equally careful in selecting our destination markets. We pride ourselves on maintaining a manageable link between origination and destination. Quadra typically provides its customers with a tailor-made package of commodity supply, logistics, risk management and finance, working with our customers and not against them.



Quadra has specialised expertise in trade, structured finance solutions and risk management strategies.

Quadra advises its customers on the most effective risk management and financing strategies for their business. Quadra works with clients to optimise their pricing and hedging strategies across markets and to create cost-effective working capital solutions. Financing activity is closely integrated with the trading team, ensuring that customers have access to the most up-to-date market information for optimal risk management. Our financial packages are part of a much wider, complete service to our customers.