We are constantly seeking to improve both logistical efficiencies and quality selection processes in all markets where we operate. This is achieved by working with a select network of suppliers which has been carefully built over the years. Combined with flexible financing and pricing options, it constitutes an attractive proposition to our long-standing customers

Robert Petritsch



Quadra trades all major grains including wheat, corn, barley. We follow a global trading strategy interlinked with existing domestic and international trade flows to service our key flour and feed milling customers in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our key origin markets for grains are the US, South America, EU, Black Sea, and Australia.

An in-depth understanding of trade flows and customer requirements allows Quadra’s grain traders to take full advantage of global arbitrage opportunities and pass these cost benefits and solutions down the supply chain. Our products range from generic feed grains to niche high protein and quality specific wheats. Quadra’s grain division trades well over 3,000,000 tonnes of grain annually.


Quadra actively trades oilseeds, predominantly soya beans, soy meal, canola and sunflower seeds.

The flow of oilseeds is from US, South America and the Black Sea regions to consumers in Europe and South-East Asia, for further domestic distribution at destinations with our Middle Eastern and Asian clients.

Our key customers include oil mills, feed mills and processors. Quadra trades in excess of 1,000,000 tons of soybeans and soybean meal annually.

Sugars & Pulses

Quadra trades over 500,000 tonnes of sugar annually, for distribution in South-East Asia. Long-standing commercial relationships with suppliers in Thailand, Brazil and Australia have made this possible.

Quadra also trades peas, chickpeas and lentils for the booming human consumption markets in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Asia. Trade flows are predominantly container-based and originated in Canada, North America, Ukraine and Australia.

  • 90% of the volume is currently corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar and barley

  • Other products include soy bean meal, sunflower seeds, canola, peas, DDGS, etc.

  • More than 4M MT are transacted each year