Quadra’s Ocean Freight Desk is responsible for the ocean transportation of various bulk commodities...

…such as grains, coal, bauxite and steel related products, originated by both Quadra and third parties. The Ocean Freight Desk charters and manages ships, and coordinates Quadra’s bulk transportation needs on a daily basis, including the day-to-day fuel needs and associated hedging. The team prides itself on its experience, particularly with regard to logistics and market volatility, and it stands out for its commitment to reliable, safe and timely delivery of goods.

The team manages all physical aspects of moving bulk commodities around the globe. This includes chartering and managing ships ranging from 5,000 to 200,000 DWT around the World. Each year, Quadra transports over 8 million tons of commodities, trades thousands of derivatives and runs multiple period-charter vessels.

Quadra has a very experienced operations team that provides support to the trading groups, and that manages efficiently a large network of port agents, fuel suppliers, insurance companies and other related service providers to ensure smooth execution and timely deliveries.

  • 10 to 20 ships on “period-charter” at any given time

  • 200,000 tons of bunker swaps contracted (Risk Management - hedging only)

  • Over 3,000 vessels chartered since inception

  • 100,000 days of FFA’s transacted

  • Investment in 2 dry bulk Panamax ships

The Ocean freight market is probably the most volatile market in the world, and only an experienced and dedicated team such as the one we have can manage the violent price swings and inherent physical execution risks that occur every day in the various market segments

Peo Ravano