Australian growers can access the global reach and domestic expertise of Quadra Commodities through its Australian business. The business has been purchasing grain from growers for more than 10 years and is able to offer Australian growers cash prices and forward contracts for their grain when they are looking to market their product at competitive prices, on secure terms with reliable logistics and flexible delivery arrangements. Our simplified model removes the complexity Australian growers face when selling their grain.

Quadra acts as the principal on grain that we purchase providing a professional service and excellent terms that comprises:
  • Competitive prices that reflect your actual return

  • On time electronic payments.

  • Payment security backed by trade credit insurance that protects the sale proceeds against insolvency or protracted default by the buyer.

  • Dependable and well organised ex farm pickup.

  • Management of logistics through independent storage sites, bulk grain elevators and export container loaders.

  • Accurate & timely paperwork, and Personable service delivered by an experienced team.

Backed by Quadra, our independent supply chain partners and our institutional shareholders, you can be confident of the best outcome for your Australian grown grain when selling to Quadra Commodities or delivering into its Grain Pool – Q POOLS (

Robin Cassar

MD, Australia


Over the past 10 years, Quadra has been successful in establishing itself as a reputable supplier of bulk grain and other commodities to the Australian domestic market, specialising in the supply of grain in bulk to the domestic end user.

We actively service the Pet Food industry, Malting Barley industry, Dairy industry, Feed Lot industry, Poultry, and milling industry. We are experts in analysing raw materials to match your milling or manufacturing needs.

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